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I wrote earlier that I went a cooking class last Friday, and I thought I would share one of the recipes they gave us! The only problem is that a. the ingredients are in grams, cubic cm, etc. and b. the recipe is in Spanish. Entonces, I’m going to be doing a little translating. I hope everything is correct!


Masa (Dough)

  • 18 oz. flour
  • 4 oz. refined pig fat
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 cups water
  • fine salt, to taste

Relleno (Filling)

  • about 2.2 pounds sirloin
  • refined pig fat
  • 7 oz. finely chopped potato
  • 28 oz. finely chopped onion
  • 7 oz. finely chopped green onion
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • ground cumin, to taste
  • paprika, to taste
  • fine salt, to taste
  • black pepper, to taste


Masa (Dough)

Form a ring with the flour, and add the salt, melted fat, egg yolk, and water in the center. Knead together until the dough…

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I realized something today.

In the States, my liking for sweets is minimal. I could stand without sweets and sugar and chocolate and all that good stuff. For me, it’s easy to pass up dessert for more of the entree. 

But here, my sweet tooth is out of this world!!! If I see anything that has sugar in it I WANT IT. It’s really bad. At least there’s no evidence of this… yet.

The weather here today was gorgeous! I left the house an hour early to read a magazine in my fave little park, and then after I had class and ate my lunch, I did my homework on the balcony. Tati was going nuts. But she loves me when I let her out on the balcony. She’ll come over and beg me to pet her. It’s like she’s a whole different cat! 

Speaking of lunch, Nora introduced me to a small restaurant where I can get lunch for $3,50 per 100 grams! So now I only spend about 10 pesos on lunch which is really about two dollars! I love it. It’s not the healthiest food but I do my best to get a colorful plate.

Short post, hasta pronto!


Hola mi familia y mis amigos! I’ve got some spare time to blog before dinner because I have no idea where Nora is and I’m starving! Tonight we are having la berenjena (eggplant) for dinner, which our maid Cati made! The weather was AMAZING today, mid- to high-60s and sunny!

So I have recently been placed in Spanish 300, which is awesome now because my schedule gives me Fridays off and only one class on Tuesday and Thursday morning! Que buena. Now I will be taking SP 300, SP 491 which is a creative writing workshop in Spanish, and the same Poetry class as before taught in Spanish, Marketing in Latin America and Argentine Literature and Politics both taught in English. I am very happy with this, but I already bought my textbook for 290 which cost me 90 pesos. : ( I’m trying to sell it to a girl who just switched into that 290 class but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet.  

To recap the past few days…

Thursday I had class at 9 am, which was, once again, very easy but I really liked the people in my class. After class I brought my lunch to school (go me!) and ate that, got some sublease things settled at Penn State, registered for classes, bought my Spanish book and headed home with my friend, Hannah! It was a long day, so when I got home around 3 pm I napped for another three hours. After, we had an IES field trip to La Bisteca, a very fancy restaurant in Puerto Madero. QUE. DELICIOSO. The food was awesome. I had a bunch of cheeses and appetizers, and then I had some chicken and bread, and then I had ravioli with mushrooms and veggies (yes, Mom, I ate mushrooms and didn’t MIND them). After they served us dessert but I only had a bite of Chloe’s because estuve satisfecha. After the dinner, the IES assistants (people about our age who work at IES) took us out to a bar called La puerta roja, which I had found on the internet a couple of days ago and had been dying to see! It was so awesome inside and had una buena onda. A few of the IES kids were playing a card game called Truco (trick) which is famous throughout South America. It is kind of like poker but it is SO hard to understand. I’m going to learn how to play (I asked our maid Cati if she knew and she said she would teach me) but first I have to buy a deck of Truco cards. I also found a free app on my phone so I’ve been playing on there a bit but I still don’t really get it. I have a feeling I will be bringing it up to Maine next summer. : )

Today I woke up at 9 am because I knew Cati was coming and would have to make my bed. Even though I only got about five hours of sleep I felt great, so I had a cup of coffee and went on a run! It was only about a two and a half mile run, but it was so good. A lot of people looked at me funny or whistled at me because not a lot of people go running outside here, but the music drowned all of that out. I’m going to go more often since it is starting to get warmer here. After my run I showered, had breakfast, skyped with Kaity (finally) and then I watched the Pat’s preseason game on NFL Game Pack which is so awesome because it’s free. Eventually I took a nap and then went out for postres with Amanda and Julia. Now I’m here!

So, short post, but it’s so hard to remember what I did every day. Once I get into a normal schedule I probably won’t post as much, especially since classes start next week. So enjoy while you can!



Hola muchachos. I’ve been here for three days now, but I feel like it’s already been weeks. It is becoming más y más facíl (easy) to fit in with the porteños. Today was the first day of IES “orientation.” We arrived at the center (which we still haven’t been into yet) at like 9:30 and immediately got onto busses that brought us to un museo en San Telmo. There was coffee and pastries outside almost like an outdoor gala? It was very fancy. There were waiters that walked around and brought us food and stuff while all the students waited for everyone to arrive. Then we all had a small introductory speech from the IES employees and the director, and then they split us into small groups for ice breakers… reminded me of THON. : )

After the ice breakers we split into the ASI program (mine) and LASC. We got an hour long presentation about classes, health, safety, etc. They scared us a lot. Haha no joke. But it’s all good, no se preocupa, Mamá!! Then we had lunch and a walking tour of San Telmo which is a beautiful (but a little more dangerous) barrio. Tomorrow is advising and I have an oral exam, Wednesday and Thursday are more orientation days and Friday is when we get visas and stuff. I am also getting un celular nuevo tomorrow because my phone only works to call the U.S. It’s ok, one phone for American numbers and one for argentine.

For dinner Nora made us sopa de vegetables una vez más, but it’s so good. Y también pasta con jamón (ham) and kind of like breaded beef? It was SOOOO bueno. And for dessert we had pumpkin with caramel sauce on it. I’ve learned to like caramel because the Argentines LOOOOVE it and put it on all desserts. Nora noticed that I don’t like a lot of dessert though, so I guess that’s a good thing! Pero a mí me gusta MUCHA la comida jaja. Después de la cena, Julia y yo went to a coffee shop with Bonnie and Alexandra, they are sooo nice. I like them a lot. They are in a different program but they’ll be here for a whole year and we will probably hang out with them a lot. It’s so awesome how everyone here hangs out at like midnight. I love the lifestyle. I take a long nap before dinner so I’m well rested for most of la noche. : )

Cultural notes:

  1. CAFÉ. THEY LOVE IT. I think that is how everyone is able to stay awake until like 7 am on some nights because they drink so much coffee here. I don’t know if it’s healthier here or something but I have not seen a single obese person. They are SO thin and beautiful here. Los chicos son muuuy guapos. : ) I wouldn’t mind if I found a husband here jajaja.
  2. Apparently 50% of los estudiantes que estudian en Buenos Aires get robbed. I’m determined to be part of the percentage that does not. They showed us how to properly hold a bag, how to look natural and how to look like we know where we’re going even if we’re lost. Me and Julia discovered that you can look at a map inside a store and it’s much safer. Mom, you would not last more than a week here without getting robbed. You can’t wear cameras around your neck like you love to do. Jaja. Amateur. ; )
  3. Typical breakfast may include alfajores which are DELICIOUS!!!!!! They are cookies with dulce de leche (the caramel thing I told y’all about) spread in the middle and they are covered in chocolate. Danielle, you would die here because they LOVE sweets and you would love the sweets here. I’m going to bring home alfajores para todos. These things have 72 grams of carbs in them though. Again, no clue how all these porteños son muyyyyy flacos (skinny). Probably because they all walk like ten miles a day.

I’m so in love with Buenos Aires. I wish you could all come and visit. I can’t describe in words how awesome this place is. Sorry if you are (or probably will be) annoyed with me for my obsession with BA. Jaja. Lo siento.

Hasta la próxima,



Hola a todos!! FINALMENTE estoy en Buenos Aires! It is beautiful here… kind of reminds me of a European city but with its own style. There’s PALM TREES! But don’t let that fool you. It is frigid here. Sixty degrees isn’t as warm as I thought, but luckily it’s only going to get warmer. So up until now it has been pretty hectic, especially yesterday. My plane arrived at about 9:30 am on Saturday and my heart was practically beating out of my chest! I just wanted to find another IES student but for some reason I couldn’t even though there were four or five on my flight. So along with this being my first time in the southern hemisphere, I also had my first celebrity encounter! There were a bunch of band members on my plane in a group called the Pretty Reckless, but I had no idea that it was the band of child star Taylor Momsen… (Cindy Loo Who anyone?) They were in the customs line right behind me, too. I thought of you, Isabel. She is definitely a child star gone bad because she could hardly walk in a straight line. Very stylish though. So after I got through customs I searched everywhere for the IES people but could not for the life of me find them and even asked the information desk, but she had no idea what I was talking about. They ended up being in a different Terminal so I had to walk like half a mile but it was fine. Once I made it I felt so much better. There were a ton of students and my housemate, Julia, was even there! Her flight got delayed an hour so we arrived at the same time! I was so excited to finally meet her. She is such a sweet girl and I have a feeling we’re going to get along very well. Once I made it to the IES spot, I had to sign in and the girl who worked there, Kate, asked me where I was from… she’s from Nashua. Talk about coincidences. She’s only a year older than Melissa so if we had stayed in Nashua they probably would have known each other! Such a small world! Next, IES put Julia and me into a van cab with two other students and we were off to our new homes! So my apartment is in Recoleta barrio (kind of like the boroughs of New York) which is a very nice part of the city, and only a twenty minute walk to the IES Center, where I will be taking most of my classes. There are literally FIVE llaves (keys) to get into my apartment, and these llaves are LEGIT. They remind me of something you would see on Harry Potter. So I have one key to open the gate into the entrance way of the apartment building, one key to get into the apartment building, another key to open the elevator, and another two keys to get into the apartment. My apartment is situated on Ayacucho (un calle or street) y Avenida Marcelo D. Alvear. We are about two blocks from la Avenida Sante Fe which is FILLED with little boutiques (bad news) which are actually cheaper than I thought. So a nice pair of boots is about $200 peso which is like $40. Only a little cheaper than the US but I still thought it would be more expensive.


My host mom Nora is SO sweet. She is pretty short and has white hair and is really tan. She will only speak Spanish to us, even though she knows a little bit of English which comes in handy when we’re stuck on a phrase. I can already see my Spanish improving in just two days; I can’t wait to see how far it’s come in four months! Nora wants to Skype with you, Mom, so she can meet you. She loved the peanut butter and the book that I brought for here. TATI is the little demon kitty. She is a feisty young broad but she is fun to play with. Julia brought cat juguetes (toys) and Tati loves them. See Mom, I told you I should have brought some!! Here are pictures of my apartamento y Tati y Julia! Que bueno!


So yesterday Julia, Nora y yo walked to the Recoleta Cemetary after a cup of tea and coffee… look up pics on google. We didn’t go inside yet but it is so cool. On the weekends there are a lot of street vendors and it is probably where I’m going to get most of my gifts! When we got back we ate empanadas (MUYYYYYYYYYYY DELICIOSAS!!!!) and after unpacking and such we went to la farmacia to get toiletries and stuff (same prices as US) and then came home and I napped for THREE hours… only because it was siesta and I got about four hours of sleep on the plane. When I woke up we ate dinner a las 10 en la noche: la sopa de vegetables como carrots and cebolla and we actually ate pumpkin! It tastes like sweet potato. And some leftover empanadas. Nora loves to cook, mostly vegetables and everything is made with sweetener instead of sugar because her son has diabetes so she’s used to it (Grandma would be freakin).  For dessert Nora made a type of bread pudding cake with a caramel topping, and you spread dulce de leche which is very popular here. It is a caramel sugary thing that spreads like peanut butter almost. After dinner, Julia and I met a friend of Julia’s, Bonnie. Bonnie has been here for a week so she already has some porteño (argentine locals) friends. The porteños speak English so it was convenient but still super fun to converse in Spanish with them. They were all about my age to Melissa’s age. We went to the apartment of one of the porteños until about 2 and then to a club until 4… apparently people don’t really sleep here. No wonder siestas are popular. It was very fun. LO SIENTO MAMA PERO VOY A IR AL CLUB OTRA VEZ! Also the cabs are pretty safe as long as you take a Radio Taxi. And it is cheap.

Today (Sunday) we woke up around 9:30 and had a small breakfast (two little cookie things) and showered. I napped for about an hour, and then the three of us walked to a stop where the tour bus for IES was (we were a little late so the bus had to pull over and wait for us. Haha) We had a two hour tour on a topless double decker bus like the ones in New York with a stop at el Parque de Tres de Febrero. Es muy lindo y tranquil. There are so many roses. I remember reading a Jose Martí poem about it and it was cool to see it in real life. They also rent roller blades so I am totally doing that. After the tour Julia, six others from the program and I went for lunch/dinner/snack meal and all got empanadas and bebidas.  Later Nora, Julia y yo are going out to dinner and then Julia and I are meeting those six IES kids for drinks. Tomorrow begins “orientation” but no one really knows what we are doing. Whateva.

My future posts probably won’t be this in depth but I just wanted to share with y’all (as Julia says) how AWESOME it is here and how much fun I am having already. I LOVE IT HEREEEEEEEE.

Culture notes:

  1. There are so many dogs. Like everywhere. I’m in heaven.
  2. There is a Red Bull-type drink here called Speed, and when someone started talking about buying some I thought they were talking about heroin and got wicked freaked out. But it was just an energy drink. J
  3. The city is pretty safe so far, but sometimes Nora will tell me and Julia to like hold onto our purses when we are looking at the tall buildings and this morning a lady tried to get into our apartment edificio (building) entry way by asking if we could speak English with her or something and Nora was like NO GTFO. Not really but it was weird because she was just a normal looking 30-something woman.
  4. All the music I’ve heard here is American.
  5. Buenos Aires is amazing.
  6. There is a club right across the street from our building and Nora says sometimes I will hear it at night while I sleep. Haha