It’s 9:36 pm. Tomorrow at 6 pm I have a paper due for my drugs and violence class. We have to write an 8 to 10 page (let’s be real, it’s gonna be 7) paper relating two concepts of Derrida’s “Rhetoric of Drugs” interview to two other works we have read/seen in class. At this moment I have one concept with some quotes from Rhetoric and some quotes from the work I’m going to relate it to. BUT I AM STUCK. I am stuck because this Derrida fellow cannot speak understandable. I quote: “I propose to begin quite simply with ‘concept,’ with the concept of concept” (Derrida 2). WHAT THE EFF DOES THIS MEAN. This is quite possibly the most dense and indiscernible text I have ever read IN MY LIFE. AND NOW I HAVE TO WRITE EIGHT PAGES ABOUT IT?!?!!?! 



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