The things I will miss…

  • my regular walk to school. Right now, the park two blocks from my flat is filled with these beautiful violet trees. I need to remember to take a picture pronto before all the leaves fall off of them!! 
  • medialunas. Imagine a crescent roll, but softer, warmer, and glazed with sugar/water mixture. My dude Lucas has the best medialunas at Medialuna Express. I think Carlos the kiosco man tried to set us up because he is 21, but he’s a little too late.
  • Tati. As much as I hate her, she is just starting to warm up to me, and this morning she even slept in between my legs and let me pick her up to put her on the webcam for Mom!!
  • cafes. I wish the cafes in the States were like the ones here. They are just everywhere, the waiters don’t bother you every five minutes asking you what you think of the food, and they’re fairly cheap if you go to the right place.
  • the fruit. Now that it is the right season all the fruit tastes DELISH. Gonna miss that.
  • legally drinking. And not being frowned upon for drinking. It’s nice to be able to go to a bar, order a fernet coca and just have a good relaxing night with my friends. I’m glad I had this experience because it matured me a little bit I think! Back to illegal drinking for four months… 
  • Noraaaaaa. Her invented vegetarian meals, her “me voy a desmayar en mi cama” (i’m gonna faint on my bed) speeches every night, our illegal black market money swapping, our interesting and/or slightly offensive dinner conversations, her weird play times with Tati, manzanas asadas.. always. It will be a sad day when I have to say goodbye to Nora. And her food.
  • the IES center. As much as I despise sitting through some of the classes (especially on Mondays) I like walking into a business building and having to use my key card to open the doors, and greeting the men at the desk, and leaving Tessi’s marketing class in the middle to go catch some rays on the balcony with a nice view of 9 de Julio. 
  • Cati the house maid. I lent her my umbrella on Friday because it was pouring and the poor soul had nothing to protect her, and she couldn’t believe I was lending it to her. She is so sweet, and she cleans my room so that’s always a plus.
  • taxis and subtes and colectivos galore. Public transportation is just fun sometimes. I’m weird.
  • Spanish speakers. Unfortunately I think my eavesdropping ears will be especially strong when I get home. I like not being able to catch what the person in line behind me is saying because I can easily ignore it. And Americans.. they’re especially annoying.
  • SUNDAYS. Sundays in BA are absolutely amazing. The streets are EMPTY. Can you believe that… in a city of four million there is almost no one out and all the stores except restaurants are closed. That’s how it should be… it’s so relaxing.
  • the smells of BA. Aside from trash, dog poop and exhaust, the other smells are like home to me. You can smell Medialunas Express from a block away. The men smell amazing (half the time… the other half they are probably hobos and smell like pee.) There is a store that has this awesome smell, i don’t know what it is but I love it. 
  • Living without expectations. Something ALWAYS goes wrong (examples: no more minutes on my phone, long wait for a certain bus, kiosco won’t let you pay with a 100 peso bill, the check at the restaurant doesn’t add up right and you end up paying more than you should’ve, etc.) but I’ve learned to shrug it off. I think that will change when I go back to the U.S.
  • being able to talk to someone in another language. That doesn’t happen in the U.S. There is not an occasion in the U.S. where I could use Spanish without it being weird, except in class. 
  • JULIA. Man will I miss that girl. I will want to walk into the other room and be able to show her something on facebook or watch a youtube video and just be ridiculous. I wish we weren’t separated by like ten states. 😦 I can’t tell you how swollen my eyes will be when we have to separate at the airport.
  • Fraaaaaaaaaan. His broken English and jokes about my horrible Spanish accent. And eeeverything else about him. We will be reunited sooooon enough I hope with all my heart!!! 
  • all my other friends in BA. Sad but true, I don’t think I will see most of them ever again. But I have some great memories with them and we will leave with those good memories and not a single bad one!! 
  • BA’s odd music taste. They are obsessed with the song, “Nothing Compares to You” by Sinead O’Connor. 

But there ARE things I am very excited to come home to like: my family and friends, Sammy, a comfortable bed, normal water situations, a big shower, American food, the rest of my wardrobe, Penn State, being able to drive a car and so much more. So don’t think I don’t want to come home to all you cuppycakes. 🙂

Another blog post to come very soon!!!


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