60 Bus to Hell

Feliz día de los estudiantes, y feliz primavera!!

Today was probably the worst day of my whole trip here. It started out great, I went to Wendy’s with Jules and Kathryn, and ate it in a park in Belgrano with some other friends and it was lots of fun! The weather was great for the first day of spring and there were people everywhere. Good friends, good food, good weather. I was going to meet Maddie in Recoleta at 5, so I was getting up to go and someone I was with said I should take the 60 bus rather than just using the subway because it goes straight down Santa Fe where I needed to be! So I hop on the 60 bus and I noticed it was heading away from Santa Fe right away. However, by the time I realized I should have gotten off the bus was already on the highway which is very bad. Then I realized it was heading towards Tigre, part of the Buenos Aires province, but an hour out of the city. YIPPEEEE. So I waited until we got to a non-sketchy area and I got off to hop on a 60 that was going the other way. This was an hour and twenty minutes after I had gotten on the bus in Belgrano. So I get on this other bus, freaking out, not knowing whether or not it was going back to the city. I couldn’t show this on my face though because I would be vulnerable but I was literally quivering! And also very tired because car rides always make me sleepy, but I had to stay awake to know where I was. Eventually the buildings and streets started to appear more like Buenos Aires after about an hour. We drove through San Isidro and finally I saw that the bus was heading for Plaza Italia, where I could get on the subte. I was thanking the bus gods.

After three hours on the 60 bus, I finally made it to the subte and in another 30 minutes I was home!! I wanted to kiss the ground. On top of all this my phone had been dying and I didn’t want Nora to freak out so I just told her I’ll be home at 8.

WHAT A FREAKIN DAY. I’m done with the busses for a little bit.


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