To whom it may concern…

Many IES students have been receiving lpackages and cards from home and I feel quite left out! If you have some stamps to spare, here is my address. 🙂

Sarah Wetzel

IES Abroad Buenos Aires

Carlos Pellegrini 1069, Piso 13

C1009ABU Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


  1. GMimi said:

    Dear Sarah: I am just catching up on your blog for the last week or so. Didn’t realize we could send mail to you. Sub teaching has started (my fourth year). Today is the first day I have had off since last Wed, including getting called at 6 pm Sat. and having to play for Sunday service (two anthems I had never seen before) . Keeping up with lots of tomatoes from the garden — making spaghetti sauce and canning. Love the empanada recipe. The crust is sealed (crimped?) the way my mother did pies. I hope you learned how to do it and can teach me because I never mastered it.
    I love your blog and will try to comment more often. Love, GMimi

  2. Robin Gordon said:

    Hola Sarah, I will get write on it when we return from Georgia..slipped away for a week, visiting Savannah..we are eating our way home many good eats just as you speak of.. I will have the boys get something out to you as well. Enjoying your Blog!

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