Blades of Glory

Hola a todoossss,

This week has been pretty hectic! Actually it hasn’t, I just never got around to blogging. Honestly I don’t even remember what happened this weekend! Just significant events. So Monday all day I had class as usual, which was when I blogged my rant. Sorry about that, by the way. Tuesday I did absolutely NOTHING! I had class 9.30-11, and afterwards I had NOTHING TO DO!!! I think it was my first time being bored here. I didn’t really make an effort to not do nothing, but I just watched so many episodes of Breaking Bad, I cleaned my room and did all the homework I had. Then I went to soccer practice for di Tella University at 8. It was pretty fun, but not what I expected. The drills we did weren’t really fun and afterwards we scrimmaged, but it wasn’t a real scrimmage because it was turned into a game where you have to get the cones from the other team’s goal. And I also had a lot of trouble getting there because I had never been there before and it was a 40 minute bus ride. But I will still continue going, I think it was only a bad practice because a substitute coach was there. 

Wednesday I totally forget what I did. But I did go to chorus and it was fun.

Thursday I had class at 1:30 and afterwards I went home, had a nice little smoothie date, and then ended up skipping soccer because I ran out of minutes on my phone in the case that I would most likely get lost on my way there. Which would not end well. Instead I went to a cafe with my little chica group at Pertutti, where I had ANOTHER smoothie and a vulcan de chocolate… the BEST INVENTION EVER. Literally it is a chocolate cake with melted chocolate in the middle than flows like lava when you cut it open. And it is served with a huge scoop of helado covered in raspberry puree. It was probably the best dessert I have ever had. So yummy.

Friday I had morning class, and then Chloe and I ventured out to the barrio Caballito where we were on the hunt for this second hand clothing store that my friend had told me about. We found it, but because it was 3.00 pm it was CLOSED! Many businesses here close from like 1-4 pm for lunch. It’s kind of annoying. Especially since we spent about an hour and a half riding two subtes to get there. But it was an adventure nonetheless. We did find a cheap lunch place really close to the Center, which will come in handy. Later that night I had my first experience at a movie theater here! It was pretty much the same thing so that was disappointing. But the popcorn was like kettle corn! It was a good night. 🙂

Saturday I went rollerblading in Los Bosques de Palermo!!! It was so fun. We rented the “rollers” for an hour for 30 pesos. If I had the money I would totally invest in some of my own rollers. I got a good amount of my homework done and I also ordered McDonalds in for the first time. Yes, McD’s delivers.


yummy… right?

Here’s a picture from rollerblading!


Today I woke up around noon for no reason, because I didn’t go out and I went to bed at 1. But who cares. I went on a run today down near Plaza Italia where everyone was gathering for the world known yoga day. I guess 100,000 people did yoga there today around 3. My host mom went with her daughter. I would have gone had I not killed myself on the run! 



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