Long time no talk, world!

Long time no talk, world!

Disculpame for not blogging in like more than a week. I never really got around to it!! It has been quite the week. Thursday was Julia’s cumpleaños so we had a lot of celebrating this week! Wednesday we went to an obscure bar called The Spot which was only two blocks from our apartment! My new favorite place. We made friends with the bartenders, and it was so funny because Julia was like, oh I just want to have a drink at midnight because it’s my 21st, and the bartenders (and Kathryn and I) gave her drinks and she got pretty tipsy. It was a fun night! The next day I had class and Nora made the most MAGNIFICO dinner ever… chicken curry, yellow rice and curry apples. I had two servings. On top of that she made a strawberry torta, which I also had two servings of. It was to die for. And afterwards our friends from Buenos Aires hooked us up with a pub crawl in Julia’s honor. A ton of kids from our program and Alexandra’s showed up so it was a lot of fun.

Friday we attended a cooking class through IES and it was so fun! I made empanadas, pastelitos, humita and more. Recipes have been attained so I will be cooking porteña style when I get home. It happened to be my friend Lisa’s birthday on Friday so we also went to an American bar called Shamrock for her birthday! It was fun but I was still tired from Julia’s party so I went home around 2.

Saturday, beautiful Saturday, was un día hermosísimo! It probably got up to 70 degrees—remember that it is still winter here! I went on a five mile run in the morning to Plaza Alemán along Avenida Libertador, where it was flocked with joggers and speed-walkers. For the rest of the day I didn’t do much except finish all of my homework and later in the night Julia and I watched Finding Nemo before going to some hostel bar for a bit with Bonnie, Alexandra and Hannah. It was also an early night for me.

This morning I woke up semi-early and it was just as beautiful as Saturday, if not warmer! Julia and I went on an IES field trip to La Fería de Matadero about a half hour out of the center of the city, but still in Capital Federal. This fería consisted of handiwork of the gauchos (lots of leather goods) and street vendor food! I had probably the best empanada of this trip, but I say that all the time. I love empanadas. Near the end of the trip Julia and I watched a huge crowd of Argentines dancing to some gaucho music. It was so fun to watch. See video soon. (:

Cultural Note:

  • I don’t know why I didn’t post this earlier, but one of the hardest things to get used to here was the direction in which the doors open. When you walk into a store or restaurant you EMPUJE (push) the door and when you leave you TIRE (pull). You may not have noticed this ever but in the States it is the opposite. I think I am finally used to this now!


Sorry for the semi-vague blog post but this girl has plans tonight!

Hasta luego!



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