Un viaje inolvidable

WOW. One word to describe Iguazú would be WOW. I was not expecting much out of this trip but I left with my mouth agape… it was beautiful! The bus rides were even the best travel experiences I have ever had… it was almost like flying first class! My bus arrived on time at 6:50 pm on Friday. I ended up having a seat next to a guy in my program, Andrew, who is from Maine! It was a nice trip. Not bumpy, the seats reclined almost all the way with a leg rest. We watched four movies: Mission Impossible 4 (in English), and The Vow, Man on Fire, and My Name is Khan (in Spanish.) For dinner they served a turkey sandwich followed with a beef and mashed potato meal—it was way yummier than airplane food. I slept most of the night only waking up a couple times so I probably got about seven hours of sleep! In the morning they served café and medialunas. You can never go wrong with medialunas. The bus ride took a little bit longer—19 hours—so we arrived at Puerto Iguazú at 2 pm. It was GORGEOUS out. Sun and about 85-90 degrees. The town is a small city basically. No tall buildings, but lots of shops and restaurants. Everyone there is also very nice. Meredith and I arrived at the hostel, which was nothing more than a hostel. We had to buy little dish towels to use for showering… didn’t work out so well. By the time we made it back to the train station to catch a bus to the Falls, they wouldn’t sell them to us because you have to enter the park before 4 pm! We were really sad at first, but then decided to make the most of the day and explore! We walked all the way to the residential areas of Puerto Iguazú—the houses are actually gorgeous! We found Río Iguazú eventually, so we saw Brasil on the other side! There was also a bridge in the distance that we tried to find, but the road that led to it was blocked off by government officials and he wouldn’t let us pass. So instead we did some shopping around town (Danielle, I got your gift! :] It’s perfect.)  At the shop that I bought this gift, Meredith and I got to talking to the lady that worked there, and she was so sweet! She gave us her email to tell her about our experience at Iguazú. I think I lost the little paper though. :[

For dinner we met up with a bunch of other IES students at a restaurant called Color for Kayleigh’s birthday dinner, and there was live music and delicious food! After the restaurant we went back to the hostel so Imani knew where it was (she arrived a little bit later than us so she still had to bring her stuff back.) Then we went to a couple of bars and finally Joanna, Cece and I went to a type of bar/boliche which was so fun! There was this really old man there that bought us drinks. Very odd. Haha.

The next morning we woke up around 7 to eat breakfast at the hostel (which I did not eat anything because the coffee was hot and the food was subpar) and then headed to the train station to catch a bus to las cataratas. The bus ride was about a half hour and I slept the whole way. I was so tired, but when we got to Iguazú my energy came back and I was SO ready to see the falls!!! They were AMAZING. It was bigger than Niagara, the water was so clean, and the weather was beautiful.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day. We saw the upper view of the falls, and then split off with Meredith to see the lower view and take a boat ride under the falls. We got SOAKED but it was SO fun!!! After that, we had seen pretty much everything by 2 and took a bus home at 3 back to town. We grabbed lunch at a restaurant with outdoor seating to enjoy our last few moments with the sun. Then we walked around town a little bit to go back to the hostel and get our luggage. Luckily the hostel allowed us to put our suitcases in a locked room for the day. We stayed at the hostel for another hour and hung out in the TV room where they played Wedding Crashers, my favorite. It was in English, too!

We all caught the bus at 7:15 pm. I stayed up until dinner and immediately fell asleep after until about 8:30 in the morning. It was great. Luckily the trip home took only 17 hours and before I knew it I was HOME. It felt awesome to look forward to seeing Nora and Julia and Tati, and be able to shower and sleep in my bed. BsAs is officially my home away from home. :]

Per usual, it is a crappy day in Buenos Aires. I currently am out of clean clothes, so I brought my clothes to the lavandera but had to buy a cheap pair of pants to wear tomorrow. I feel weird because I’m wearing workout clothes right now (all I have left) so I don’t blend in very well. In the States I don’t really dress up, just jeans or sweats and a tee. But here, I dress nicely every day, because everyone else does! I kind of like it!

However, after today I am on a money diet. I’m going to go to the supermarket and buy enough vegetables to last me a week for lunch and try not to spend anything else. It won’t be too hard I’m sure because I have a feeling classes are going to get a little tougher with more homework. CAN’T WAIT. I have bought all my books, but still only have the one notebook that IES gave me, so maybe I’ll have to get one. Just maybe.

I will post another post with pictures and stuff so I can give details about the pictures. Facebook doesn’t do them much justice.

Thanks for following my blog everyone! I hope you all can live vicariously through my journey here in Buenos Aires, and perhaps be convinced to take a trip to visit me!! (Especially you, Melissa!!!!!) I now feel completely acclimated to the city that I would be able to give a fairly professional tour. Maybe I’ll be a tour guide here one day. Hehehehehe.

Besitos chicos,


  1. Hermana said:

    I cannot see you dressing up everyday! Danielle would fit right in!

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