OK so the rain here is AWFUL! My professor told my class today that the storm is referred to by Catholics as Santa ___ (I forget what saint it was) and this Saint brings large amounts of rain and storms within a couple weeks and after it is over, spring is here. So I’m really hoping by the time I get back from Puerto Iguazu that the sun is back! 

Today has been an eventful day so I thought I would blog a little before my trip! There was an AWFUL storm this morning around 9 am, when I had to walk a mile to class. Thunder, lightning, droplets the size of nickels… terrible. So I get to la baja planta (ground floor) and the senorita who cleans the lobby to my apartment building looked at me with sad eyes because she noted all I had on were tiny leather shoes (I don’t have boots here. I don’t want to buy any because they cost $60 on average and I would only need them for less than a month more) and my lack of a paragua (umbrella). The minute I step outside I am drenched. Luckily I had a rain jacket but that didn’t serve much use to my legs or backpack. After about two blocks I decided to hop into an onda shop to look for a paragua. The only ones they had were these pink girly ones that cost 45 pesos, or $10US. I had to buy it though and now it is my best friend.  After another two blocks, I get to an intersection and it was literally underwater. When a bus drove by, a huge wave came right up over my feet. Needless to say, I hastly took a left to get back on Marcelo street. This street was a little less flooded but I still had to dodge rivers and avoid being drenched by a car driving through a puddle. Halfway there I found a girl in my class and the rest of the way we complained about the rain. Finally I made it to class. 

My shoes are still soaked, by the way, six hours later. Leather doesn’t hold up well in rain I guess. 

When I got home after printing a bunch of things and arranging a hostel for me and two others, Tati came right up to me for me to pet her!! It was a miracle! Now she is asleep on my bed, but won’t let me touch her. I opened the curtains so she could have a nice view while she naps. Maybe she’ll start to like me better.

I found Truco cards! Today is Friday so Cati gave me a mini Truco lesson! It actually helped.

I found my favorite empanada shop… one block away from my house. They are huge empanadas in comparison and only cost five pesos. Soooo goooood. 

Well that’s all… I’m off to 90 degree weather and some cataratas!

Hasta pronto Buenos Aires.



  1. Robin Gordon said:

    Sounds VERY wet !! I love Empanadas too…We will have to make some when you come home. Carol (Our nanny from Panama) taught me how to make them, freeze them and whola!!! YUM!!! Enjoy..Love love love the blog!!

  2. Hermana said:

    Im really intrigued by this truco

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