Que buen tiempo.

Hola mi familia y mis amigos! I’ve got some spare time to blog before dinner because I have no idea where Nora is and I’m starving! Tonight we are having la berenjena (eggplant) for dinner, which our maid Cati made! The weather was AMAZING today, mid- to high-60s and sunny!

So I have recently been placed in Spanish 300, which is awesome now because my schedule gives me Fridays off and only one class on Tuesday and Thursday morning! Que buena. Now I will be taking SP 300, SP 491 which is a creative writing workshop in Spanish, and the same Poetry class as before taught in Spanish, Marketing in Latin America and Argentine Literature and Politics both taught in English. I am very happy with this, but I already bought my textbook for 290 which cost me 90 pesos. : ( I’m trying to sell it to a girl who just switched into that 290 class but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet.  

To recap the past few days…

Thursday I had class at 9 am, which was, once again, very easy but I really liked the people in my class. After class I brought my lunch to school (go me!) and ate that, got some sublease things settled at Penn State, registered for classes, bought my Spanish book and headed home with my friend, Hannah! It was a long day, so when I got home around 3 pm I napped for another three hours. After, we had an IES field trip to La Bisteca, a very fancy restaurant in Puerto Madero. QUE. DELICIOSO. The food was awesome. I had a bunch of cheeses and appetizers, and then I had some chicken and bread, and then I had ravioli with mushrooms and veggies (yes, Mom, I ate mushrooms and didn’t MIND them). After they served us dessert but I only had a bite of Chloe’s because estuve satisfecha. After the dinner, the IES assistants (people about our age who work at IES) took us out to a bar called La puerta roja, which I had found on the internet a couple of days ago and had been dying to see! It was so awesome inside and had una buena onda. A few of the IES kids were playing a card game called Truco (trick) which is famous throughout South America. It is kind of like poker but it is SO hard to understand. I’m going to learn how to play (I asked our maid Cati if she knew and she said she would teach me) but first I have to buy a deck of Truco cards. I also found a free app on my phone so I’ve been playing on there a bit but I still don’t really get it. I have a feeling I will be bringing it up to Maine next summer. : )

Today I woke up at 9 am because I knew Cati was coming and would have to make my bed. Even though I only got about five hours of sleep I felt great, so I had a cup of coffee and went on a run! It was only about a two and a half mile run, but it was so good. A lot of people looked at me funny or whistled at me because not a lot of people go running outside here, but the music drowned all of that out. I’m going to go more often since it is starting to get warmer here. After my run I showered, had breakfast, skyped with Kaity (finally) and then I watched the Pat’s preseason game on NFL Game Pack which is so awesome because it’s free. Eventually I took a nap and then went out for postres with Amanda and Julia. Now I’m here!

So, short post, but it’s so hard to remember what I did every day. Once I get into a normal schedule I probably won’t post as much, especially since classes start next week. So enjoy while you can!



  1. Robin Gordon said:

    Hola Sarah.. I am enjoying your blog! It sounds like you are having the time of your life. YOu go girl. And the BLOG itself looks great..You inspire me..I wish I would win the big bucks and bring your mom.sister and grandmother to visit you…Can you imagine THAT trip! Although your mom is becoming more brave in her travels 🙂 Enjoy!! Tell Nora I want some recipes…even if it uses ingredients without measurement….the food sounds great!

    LOVE YOU!! Auntie Robin

    • Hi Auntie Robin! The blog is pretty easy to use. 🙂 Just explore it! I wish of all things that everyone could come visit me. Words can’t describe this place!
      Miss and love you!

  2. gramma said:

    Hi sarah
    It sounds like you are having a great time. It’s hard to believe that you’he been gone almost a month already.
    I have checking out your photos. They are beautiful. Yes; I’ve been creeping. Miss you. Even though I didn’t see you too often. I knew where you were. Have fun. But stay safe. Love ya!! Xoxoxo. Gramma

    • Hi Gramma!
      I love it here. I’m glad you’re able to read my blog and know what I’m experiencing. I’m so glad I made the decision to come here. You are more than welcome to creep! 🙂
      Love you too and miss you!

  3. Robin Gordon said:

    I will let you know swhen I join the world of blogging for sure. Until then thanks for posting and letting us ALL enjoy your trip! I will buy a lottery ticket 🙂

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