Hola chicos! So to explain the title of this post, I have noticed the proper Spanish pronunciation of Sarah is “Sadah.” So I feel like I’m back in high school because of my former “Czechoslovakian” nickname! I don’t mind it. : )

Tati has grown a liking to sleeping at the end of my bed. This would normally be a good thing, except that she freaks out of I get within two feet of her. So I have to keep my feet curled up when she is on the bed. Little brat… growing to hate her. She has some beef with me too I think. She also likes to hang out in my closet now.

So to recap, Sunday was a very lazy day. I didn’t wake up until 2:30, so nothing really happened besides a dinner date with Chloe and Amanda. Chloe lives very close to me so I think we will be hanging out more often. : ) We went to a café and I had raviole and papas fritas (I know, weird meal) but it was so delicioso. I’ve also gotten myself to drink a bit more Coca as they call it because it isn’t customary to drink a lot of water here. It costs about 17 pesos for a bottle of agua sin gas and sometimes Coca is cheaper. I hate having to pay for water, but luckily our apartment water (solamente frio!) is good to drink. Sunday night I went to bed pretty early because Monday was the first day of school! I have class (Spanish grammar class that is) from 9 am to 11 am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday! We haven’t done anything really in my classes, except today we reviewed verbos con efectos (like gustar and encantar… Spanish 1 anyone?). It is soooo easy. I hope it gets a little bit harder at least. After class I got lunch with Hannah and Kathryn from my Spanish class, and walked a little bit with them, then went back to IES and got background checks with everyone. Then IES treated us all to café con leche and medialunas at Café Tortoni (very famous… famed hangout spot of Jorge Luis Borges) and then went home with Julia! I took my daily nap and had a great dinner with Nora and Julia (beef with potatoes… so yum). After Julia and I met some friends and went to a boliche in San Telmo! It was very fun because they were playing old school American music and we were all bustin’ a move.

Tuesday I got to sleep in because I had no class. I got up around 11:30 and later that day IES had a field trip to La Boca… a very interesting barrio of Capital Federal! Here’s a history lesson: so when the Italians immigrated to Buenos Aires, they used paints leftover from ships to paint their houses so that is why the neighborhood is so colorful! When they did come here, though, they lived in sort of convents because they were all very poor, so about fifteen people lived in one little “conventillo.” The neighborhood is very beautiful and also very touristy so we had to tener cuidado for robbers. Luckily we could leave most of our stuff on the busses. We also got a tour of La Bombonera, the official stadium of the Boca Junior football team. Ask me how badly I want to go to a game. It was so awesome inside, and I can’t imagine the atmosphere during a game. I got myself an email from some hostel group tour that goes to a game and stuff, but it seems kind of sketchy so I’m going to ask around at IES. After the field trip, Julia and I headed home from IES to nap and take ratitos (time to ourselves). I had my laundry done at a lavanderia, the best thing ever. For 30 pesos I get my laundry cleaned, dried and folded. Amazing. Then we had an awesome tuna casserole that Nora made, and a FABULOUS dessert—Nora called it un postre, which is basically like a pastry but to me it was like a vanilla pudding flavored with orange zest and it had galletitas, or cookies, in it. It was SO good, and the best part about it was that Nora made it all on her own, no recipe. I told her she should make a cookbook but she said she didn’t know what she would write for the recipe because she doesn’t measure things! I love Nora. She’s so adorable.

Today I woke up at 7:45 (I showered at 3:45 am by accident, because I thought my phone ringing was my alarm so I just hopped in the shower… shout out to Julia! jajajaja) and had banana bread and coffee for mi desayuna. Two things I’ve noticed… here, I drink café all the time and love desserts. In the states, the opposite is true. I hope this isn’t a bad thing! I had class from 9 to 11, then I took a colectivo back home to get my camera and relax a bit, then went back to IES to meet Amanda for lunch and a small walk through Calle Florida—a very beautiful but expensive shopping street in Recoleta. After we went back to IES to meet for a field trip to el Museo de los Artes Bellos or something like that, which was kind of like the Met. The only two artists I recognized were El Greco and van Gogh, so it didn’t interest me very much. It was about a half hour walk to the museum, so by the end of the one hour visit at the museum Julia and I were ready to take the colectivo home so we did just that. I took a long nap when I got home, and then Julia and I warmed up some leftover torta de atún y cebolla (tuna and onion) for dinner because Nora had a meeting with the Italian ambassador (sweet!). After we took the colectivo to Palermo for café and medialunas, and now here I am! My feet are killing me.

Cultural notes:

  1. Colectivo prices went up from AR$1,10 to AR$2,00 because for the past week there has been un demonstration on the subte. This causes two problems… a.) the colectivos are VERY crowded and b.) Sube cards are even harder to come by. So I’ve given up looking for one at the moment.
  2. Football games here are violent. En La Bombonera, there is a large 12 painted on the seats in one part of the stadium. This represents “La doce” and this group of fans is very hardcore, violent, intense Boca Jr. fans. There are also huge caged overhangs in front of each section to catch items being thrown, etc.  I really wanna go to a game.
  3. I’m just now beginning to notice the lack of punctuality here. No one is ever on time, either because the bus was too crowded to pick people up, there’s a strike, or what have you, but I don’t mind it very much. It teaches me to be more patient, which is what I need.
  4. People calling the wrong number are very common. I had one guy text me thinking I was Patricia, and when I said it wasn’t me, he continued to introduce himself as Riki and asked how I was. Another lady called looking for someone else, and she called twice. I gave up and had Julia tell her to stop calling. No me importa. Whatever.

Hasta luego, amigos!



p.s. Congrats Ryan and Sarah! I have a new second cousin! IT’S A BOY! Can’t wait to meet little Owen. : D


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