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Today my dog, Jake, passed away. I feel like a terrible sister because I haven’t seen him in a month when he really needed me the most. But he is out of pain now and with all of the doggie friends he was blessed with in his life. He truly was the nicest dog anyone had ever met and would never hurt anyone. I’m glad I got to spend the last twelve years growing up with Jake but now I have a guardian angel looking over me. I love you. Jake!

8.7.2000 – 8.25.2012 ❤



I realized something today.

In the States, my liking for sweets is minimal. I could stand without sweets and sugar and chocolate and all that good stuff. For me, it’s easy to pass up dessert for more of the entree. 

But here, my sweet tooth is out of this world!!! If I see anything that has sugar in it I WANT IT. It’s really bad. At least there’s no evidence of this… yet.

The weather here today was gorgeous! I left the house an hour early to read a magazine in my fave little park, and then after I had class and ate my lunch, I did my homework on the balcony. Tati was going nuts. But she loves me when I let her out on the balcony. She’ll come over and beg me to pet her. It’s like she’s a whole different cat! 

Speaking of lunch, Nora introduced me to a small restaurant where I can get lunch for $3,50 per 100 grams! So now I only spend about 10 pesos on lunch which is really about two dollars! I love it. It’s not the healthiest food but I do my best to get a colorful plate.

Short post, hasta pronto!



When was the last time…
You had a conversation with the water,
Made a wish,
Bathed in joy?

When was the last time…
You lost yourself
In the forest bewitched by your desires,
Counting gold stars?

When was the last time
You said an “I love you”
Or delivered an “I like you?”

Fall in love with your life
Overflow your magic

And once and for all
Know what your dreams are.

I found that quote in a little notebook I bought to use as an agenda and I loved it and thought I would share it!! This is the approximate English translation I made.


Cuando fue la última vez que…
Tuviste una conversación con el agua,
Pediste un deseo,
Te bañaste en alegría?

Cuando fue la última vez que…
Te perdiste
En el bosque encantado de tus anhelos,
Contando estrellas doradas?

Cuando fue la última vez
Que dijiste un te amo,
O entregaste un te quiero?

Enamórate de tu vida
Desborda tu magia

Y de una vez por todas
Sé lo que sueñas ser.