Café, café, café

Hola muchachos. I’ve been here for three days now, but I feel like it’s already been weeks. It is becoming más y más facíl (easy) to fit in with the porteños. Today was the first day of IES “orientation.” We arrived at the center (which we still haven’t been into yet) at like 9:30 and immediately got onto busses that brought us to un museo en San Telmo. There was coffee and pastries outside almost like an outdoor gala? It was very fancy. There were waiters that walked around and brought us food and stuff while all the students waited for everyone to arrive. Then we all had a small introductory speech from the IES employees and the director, and then they split us into small groups for ice breakers… reminded me of THON. : )

After the ice breakers we split into the ASI program (mine) and LASC. We got an hour long presentation about classes, health, safety, etc. They scared us a lot. Haha no joke. But it’s all good, no se preocupa, Mamá!! Then we had lunch and a walking tour of San Telmo which is a beautiful (but a little more dangerous) barrio. Tomorrow is advising and I have an oral exam, Wednesday and Thursday are more orientation days and Friday is when we get visas and stuff. I am also getting un celular nuevo tomorrow because my phone only works to call the U.S. It’s ok, one phone for American numbers and one for argentine.

For dinner Nora made us sopa de vegetables una vez más, but it’s so good. Y también pasta con jamón (ham) and kind of like breaded beef? It was SOOOO bueno. And for dessert we had pumpkin with caramel sauce on it. I’ve learned to like caramel because the Argentines LOOOOVE it and put it on all desserts. Nora noticed that I don’t like a lot of dessert though, so I guess that’s a good thing! Pero a mí me gusta MUCHA la comida jaja. Después de la cena, Julia y yo went to a coffee shop with Bonnie and Alexandra, they are sooo nice. I like them a lot. They are in a different program but they’ll be here for a whole year and we will probably hang out with them a lot. It’s so awesome how everyone here hangs out at like midnight. I love the lifestyle. I take a long nap before dinner so I’m well rested for most of la noche. : )

Cultural notes:

  1. CAFÉ. THEY LOVE IT. I think that is how everyone is able to stay awake until like 7 am on some nights because they drink so much coffee here. I don’t know if it’s healthier here or something but I have not seen a single obese person. They are SO thin and beautiful here. Los chicos son muuuy guapos. : ) I wouldn’t mind if I found a husband here jajaja.
  2. Apparently 50% of los estudiantes que estudian en Buenos Aires get robbed. I’m determined to be part of the percentage that does not. They showed us how to properly hold a bag, how to look natural and how to look like we know where we’re going even if we’re lost. Me and Julia discovered that you can look at a map inside a store and it’s much safer. Mom, you would not last more than a week here without getting robbed. You can’t wear cameras around your neck like you love to do. Jaja. Amateur. ; )
  3. Typical breakfast may include alfajores which are DELICIOUS!!!!!! They are cookies with dulce de leche (the caramel thing I told y’all about) spread in the middle and they are covered in chocolate. Danielle, you would die here because they LOVE sweets and you would love the sweets here. I’m going to bring home alfajores para todos. These things have 72 grams of carbs in them though. Again, no clue how all these porteños son muyyyyy flacos (skinny). Probably because they all walk like ten miles a day.

I’m so in love with Buenos Aires. I wish you could all come and visit. I can’t describe in words how awesome this place is. Sorry if you are (or probably will be) annoyed with me for my obsession with BA. Jaja. Lo siento.

Hasta la próxima,



  1. Hermana said:

    Curious- did you use your fact about having a horseshoe shaped kidney in the icebreakers?

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